Yo…you wanna make some awesome? Then you want to work with Ed. Making big awesome is his specialty. I worked with Ed for a number of years at another developer where he was pretty awesome. But then I went and made my own thing and hired Ed to write some stuff for me and come up with cool ideas. And that is when he became “The Big Awesome”. Ed is not only an excellent guy to work with, he has also gotten better and more awesome over the years. From now on, I look forward to having Ed assist my company with more awesome whenever possible. So to sum it up, work with Ed. Cause he is mutha ******* awesome.

Josh Bear, Chief Creative Officer, Twisted Pixel Games

Ed came to us on Duke Nukem Forever with a ridiculously daunting task — take a collection of maps that had evolved over years, been hacked apart and reassembled, and in some cases pulled entirely from the game, and create a coherent story, background, and narrative descriptions from all that.

And he did it splendidly. He came up with creative solutions for our narrative dilemmas and offered a ton of great ideas on how to fix narrative flaws and gaps we had yet to address. At the time of the studio’s closure he was about to work on our final script, and I’m disappointed that we never got a chance to see what would have come of that.

I would recommend Ed to anyone. He’s friendly, honest, creative, humble, and, most of all, an excellent writer.

Brian Hook, Audio Engineering Lead at Oculus VR

Ed is our go-to guy for the most important cases in our CSI games. His stories are twisted, his schemes dastardly, and his characters depraved. Just what we want! He also has an excellent game design sense, which is very rare in a writer of his caliber. Typically a lot of editing is required to make a script workable in a game, but not so with Ed. His stuff is professional, polished, and ready to go the moment he turns it in. He’s the first person we’ll call when the next game comes around!

Brendan Ferguson, Game Designer at Telltale Games

Ed wrote dialogue script for one of our titles and did a great job. He researched each character thoroughly and produced a funny and well-written script.

Andrew Bracken, Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment America

Ed is a real gem in the industry. Not only is his writing extremely funny and generally well done, he’s a dream to work with. He is very willing to modify his work to get what you need. He brings a very useful insight to dialog writing for games because he’s done it many times before. He’s also very good in collaboration and timeliness. I highly, highly recommend Ed.

John Comes, Creative Director, Uber Entertainment